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The people we meet in the oddest places

I was just in Safeway getting some late night munchies as I usually do. I was behind a very nice couple in the check out stand. The gentleman noticed that I was wearing a Tricky Pixie T-shirt and had commented it to his girlfriend/wife/significant other/platonic friend who I'm told (by Tom) is a big Sooj fan. We got to talking and I naturally introduced them to Pacific Fen Spotlight cause I'm a whore that way, but I thought it funny that of all the places I would meet up with two other fen, Safeway was one o0f the last places I would expect to, followed closely by the middle east and the Jerry Falwell church. Westborough Baptist church was at the bottom of that list but now that they've riled up the nerds I suspect it won't be long until they're infiltrated by vengeful Trekkies.

P.S. Like Wil Wheaton once said "I don't use nerds pejoratively, I use nerds awesometivly."
Hello fellow Alexander James Adams fans. I have bee given the distinct honor of announcing a new single by the FaerieTaleMinstrel Alexander James Adams titled "What Are We Doing?"

You can purchase and download this wonderful new musical piece at http://alexanderjamesadams.bandcamp.com/ and as a special treat, you can watch the new video short for this song, located exclusively on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2qsdvE9P_Q).

Video produced by Pacific Fen Spotlight (http://www,pac-fen.com) and Jim Granger Solutions (http://www.jimgranger.com).

Movie Review - Despicable Me


I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie, despite that it was very much a cliche, gimmick filled kid's movie. There was nothing really groundbreaking about the animation despite its superior 3D rendering, and it was filled with obvious 3D gimmicks to showcase that the movie was meant for 3D. In addition, the humor was definitely at a first to third grade level dealing with mostly flatulent and slapstick humor. But despite this it was still funny. Though I did not laugh myself nearly unconscious like when I first saw Shrek, there were still a few occasions where I nearly hyperventilated because I was laughing so hard.

The plot is cliche and not even remotely surprising, but it's not meant to be. It's a kids film. There were a few moments of dark humor that would push this up to the 8-10 year old range. The PG rating is very appropriate though thankfully no deaths occur in the film. There are some very poignant moments which should satisfy the "feel good" portion of your movie experience, but mostly the film is situational and slapstick comedy.

Going back to the 3D gimmicks, at least they weren't trying to be subtle about it, specifically during the end credits.

For adults, this movie is a great popcorn movie, especially if you are feeling particularly childish. For those with children, it's a good way to keep the munchkins entertained for an hour and a half, especially as they will likely be awed with the 3D effects. Again, I'd say that the movie is most appropriate for kids 8 and up though the more precocious 6 & 7 year olds would probably be okay.

Movie Review - Despicable Me

Due to a miscommunication on my part, I posted this review too early. I will replace the review when I am allowed. My apologies to both the viewers and the Studios.

Movie Review - Knight and Day

Tom Cruise may very well be nuttier than a PayDay candy bar, but he is still a damn fine actor with really good comedic delivery. Cameron Diaz is also fantastic with portraying quick-witted, intelligent and tough characters. The rest of the cast was very well done.

The action sequences weren't over the top like in some action films, and in many cases were lined with just enough comedic twist to make them all the more entertaining. The plot was easy to follow and anyone with half a wit would figure out the "real" story rather quickly, but what it lacked in suspense it made up for in its quirkiness. Definitely more intelligent than your average popcorn movie, but don't expect Nobel prize worthy either. Not a "Chick flik" but highly recommended as a good date movie.

Movie Review - Last Airbender

This movie was a great disappointment. First, let's start with the controversial "White washing" of the cast. While there were various ethnicities in the movie, most of those were relegated to supporting cast. I'm not saying that the cast couldn't or shouldn't have caucasians in it, just that it was difficult to suspend my disbelief that Nicola Peltz [Katara] and Jackson Rathbone [Sokka] were ethnically appropriate. That said, I wasn't disappointed with the acting ability of those two actors nor was I disappointed with Shaun Toub [Ihro] (despite also being ethnically inappropriate). Actors Dev Patel [Prince Zuko] and Aasif Mandvi [Admiral Zhao] were well done, both in ethnic terms and in acting ability. Noah Ringer [Aang] was believably proficient in martial arts (unknown if the actor actually has martial arts training) but needs acting lessons. The rest of the supporting cast was lackluster at best.

The plot was also problematic. It is impossible to fit ten hours of storyline into two hours without losing something. That sad, they should have not tried to fit so much into the plot because it didn't make the movie fast paced, just chaotic. The scenes ran so quick, you couldn't invest yourself emotionally into them. While fanboy/girl purists might decry this as "not staying true to the TV show" the fact is a movie is a different medium than a full length television series. Not everything will fit properly and in some cases, actually harm the pace of the film, as is the case here.

Also, what was disappointing was the marketing of the film. Of all the posters, trailers, teasers, sneak peeks and such, none actually indicated that the movie would only be the first book. It seems obvious that it would have to be such just by watching the trailer, but they still should have marketed the film with the subtitle, "Book One: Water." That subtitle was in the movie credits but the marketing was still misleading, especially to those who hadn't watched the TV series before hand.

I think the most disappointing thing about this movie is because of all their mistakes, the movie suffered at the box office, possibly enough to warrant not making the remaining two films.
It took me a while but the show for Emerald City ComiCon is now posted and live. Lots of great interviews with artists and exhibitors, movie news from Skewed & Reviewed, and most importantly, highlight from the Q & As with Stan Lee and Leonard Nimoy.

Watch the show or download it for later: http://www.pac-fen.com/episodes/E302-Emerald_City_ComiCon_2010/

The Norwescon show is almost done as well. Look for the Norwescon interviews within 2 weeks.

301 - Conflikt 2010 now posted

Episode one of our third season is now up! Conflikt 2010 highlights.Concert footage of New Bunk Foss, October Country, Andrew Ross, ASH Productions, CD Woodury, Alexander James Adams, and Tom Smith.


Older episodes now available for download

For those of you who prefer, I have made available for download most of the previous episodes of Pacific Fen Spotlight. You have a choice between MP4 and Windows Media. Most are in 640 by 480 format. Longer episodes also have 320 by 240 formats to save space.

Also, we will soon be offering select episodes in high-definition format.